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Midstream Energy Group - Fundamental Focus for Future Success

Our new focus is on fundamentals. One of our main focal points is training. Here is our current training course schedule.

Fundamentals Course Information
The fundamentals course is brought to you by EUCI and will be held at the Houston Hyatt on June 18-19, 2013. Instructor is Stan Keller. For more information, please consult the EUCI website for registration.
Our Focus

Midstream is also the most complex portion of the value chain. Midstream has been a great growth engine for MLP’s whose capital structure positions them to successfully fund the infrastructure buildout that is making it possible to move our shale oil and gas bounty to market. Near term profitability of these assets and their ability to generate long term value for their investors and unit holders depend on the outlook for both supply and demand, and future growth opportunities are influenced by the economic drivers for multiple markets – refined products, petrochemical feedstocks, power, and gas liquids.

For the past several years, we have been your “Fundamental” resource for NGL training. Over 700 professionals have attended one of our “NGL Fundamentals” courses, sponsored primarily by the great Oil Price Information Service team. Our emphasis has been a foundational level of understanding of the NGL business to provide a base to build on as you expand your experience in the NGL industry. Having a model is great – knowing how to build the model and whether it’s giving you an answer you can rely on is better. We’ve also had the opportunity to apply our knowledge to assist many clients in our private consulting practice.

Our founder, Anne Keller, is now Manager of NGL Research at Wood Mackenzie, producing an integrated research service to provide clients with both short and long term views of the dynamics of the NGL market. Midstream Energy Group is now managed by Stan Keller, also an LPG industry veteran with his own unique skillset. His background in refinery operations, database development, propane supply mid-office systems, web-based content management, and adult education equips us with a new set of services to help our clients grow.

Products in Development:

“How Much is My Gas Worth?”
We have had our NGL Calculator on the site for a while. What we are planning to do is offer a full model of netback projects, which will include the ability to specify separate quality assessments on a transaction basis. If you are interested, Contact Us and we can discuss what you might like to see.
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What's New?
We have added FYI to organize much of the NGL information, with more coming soon.  Here are some of the areas we are starting out with:
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